Estate Administration

Estate Administration

Many people are surprised when they learn they have been named to be an executor of a will, responsible for probating the estate of one who has passed away. Executors can easily make mistakes due to inexperience, stress and hasty decisions. This can be costly as executors can be held personally liable for beneficiaries' losses.  We at Drew Law, P.C. guide executors through all aspects of the probate process and estate administration, with reliable advice, so you can settle the decedent's estate as efficiently, quickly and easily as possible.

Helping with the Probate Courts

We help executors with matters such as: 

  • Filing the will with the proper Connecticut Probate Court
  • Developing the best strategy for fairly and expeditiously probating the estate
  • Finding and collecting assets
  • Closing and opening bank accounts
  • Transferring assets from the deceased to the estate
  • Preparing estate tax returns
  • Preparing estate and trust income tax returns
  • Paying estate taxes
  • Valuing, managing, preserving and liquidating the estate
  • Locating beneficiaries
  • Hiring experts, when appropriate
  • Paying creditors and claimants
  • Preparing all requisite probate court forms

Valuing and Managing the Estate

Our attorneys assist executors with the difficult process of collecting, managing, valuing, protecting and liquidating the assets of the estate. When appropriate, we consult with accountants, financial advisors, real estate agents, property managers and other professionals as part of handling the estate. We can access expert opinions about unique assets such as antiques, rare books and coins, firearms, automobiles and other collectibles for accurate valuation, management and possible sale.

Capable Management of Probate Disputes

Even in an apparently straightforward estate, there are sometimes disputes between disappointed beneficiaries and the estate’s executor. When representing executors, our attorneys demonstrate the utmost professionalism in negotiations and in the probate court. Whether the issue is a will challenge or an accusation of mismanagement of estate assets, we advocate vigorously for the decedent's estate and the executor. We also represent beneficiaries in disputes related to estates and trusts.