Corporate Law/Business Succession Planning

Drew Law, P.C. is committed to the success and prosperity of your business. To meet your objectives, we closely collaborate with you so we can provide the most practical and appropriate advice given your specific business goals. By understanding your expectations and financial capabilities, we can better address your needs, including what corporate entity and tax structures to select and how best to limit your personal liability.

Selecting the Appropriate Entity for Your New Business

There are many considerations when choosing the appropriate business entity, such as ownership, governance, capitalization, taxation and liability. We listen to your plans and objectives, and help you weigh the pros and cons of the various options.

Transferring Your Business to Good Hands

Do you own a business that is ready for a change at the top? Does your business and estate plan adequately address what will happen if you or another key person in the business passes away? At Drew Law, P.C., we work with business owners to create a plan of action to secure their business in the event of a transition in ownership or control, or the death of an important person involved in the business. We will help eliminate confusion and reduce financial complications as you address this sensitive subject. Whether you are a large corporation or a small, family-owned business, our attorneys provide solutions for handing the reins over to the next generation of leadership.